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i am emma. Some people love me some people hate me. most the people who hate me are people who see the one layer me. there are lots of mes.

i love everyone, anyone and everyone. theres only one person ive ever hated and that was for a damm bloody good reason.

anyway im going to write about me in layers, as i am complicated lol

in the first layer you have the serface me, oviously. Im quite immiture, its good thing that i  jump about the place, poke people ect. im also quite unique, you wont find anyone else excastly like me, if you do tellme and ill put it to the test mehehe,

in the second layer you have the offensive me. whats offensive and what isnt offensive is really complicated as it vairies from on epersont o the next. what one person wouldnt mind being called a turd, bitch ect the next person finds it the worst thing in the world. so if i do offend you just say and ill tone it down and take my urges out on someone else who sees teh right side of it. oviously i dont go round supporting the natzis or something. seriosly im not that bad

in the third layer....please note i dont know how many layers there are of me myself so dont go there...you have the normal me, i can act normal, i choose not to because half the time its boring but there is a time and a place for it. so most the time im normal but with a bit of an edge.

The forth layer is upset depressed me. im not often this. but when i am i do normally have a good reason for it, even if at the time i dont perticually know what the reason is. i tend to supress this alot because what comes with being depressed is the reason why and i dont like opening up to why and about myself often, hense it is why i have a journal and why i post too much for my own good [i have artheritus in all my joints]  it all depends on how good you are at noticing things and behaviour really. i tend to get a bit violent but sometimes that merges into the offensive me. so it all depends

i cant think of any more layers at the moment

so anyway

with me i tend to be a novilty for the first year then i get boring annoying and predictable after the second or third. im quite high maintance and very dependant on everyone. i dont have a job and im always poor. i have a dog called louis which i talk about quite a bit and im on msn alot too, but not as much as some people which i have recently found out. anyway yeah im always on msn so if u want to talk to me on there its my email address. im also known for my bad spelling, i dont really have bad spelling, its just i really can not be bothered to spend my lift correcting typos all my life, although i cam getting better.....i think

Strengths: lying, hiding, typing shitly, pretending to be stupid...im not, msn, animalness, loving everyone, knowing my own faults and ignoring everyone elses
Weaknesses: trusting people, being nice to everyone all the time being away from a keybord for any amount of time, hippocrate, being annoying, abilty to get fat, coke, free stuff, offered free stuff, having to do work, time management, im judgemental underneath, my hair,
Special Skills: abilty to dance to anything, love everyone, poking, WKD, changing myspace profile, entusiams when not needed
Weapons: poke poke, TURDDDD, MSN, facebook, livejournal, myspace, photobucket, aim, my phone, louis...grrr...,radio1, goth boots, keyboard, no nails, my stare, abilty to walk really quietly, my hair lol
Humour: depends, something cleaver, slapstically, original, good effect, pathetic horror movies, cats fighting,



my name is Emma I am 18 yrs old and live in
the south of England

I was born in Texas and like lasagne allot.
I'm a bit of a hypocrite and can be very immature. sorry if i offend you in
anyway.. tell me if i am...but I'm a nice person really...i have my evil

I'm am not good at spelling and I think is

so funny when people get really offended and over reacted by it all.

most the time its just my bad typing.

my posts vary on whats going on in my life
and weather i can be bothered, most the time nothing has gone on, i am bored and
cant be bothered to do anything else, but i still post too much

my journal helps me get to sleep at night
coz i think too much.

i bite my nails...i did try to grow
them...and i did for about 8 months...but stress full times means stressful

i always try to act stupid coz it makes the
stupid people feel better.. but I'm not really...honest..

when I'm older I'm going to have a sheep
called twinkle and a goat...who's it going to be friends with the sheep ...named
after frank...and so called frank

other animals i haven't decided on
yet...probaby 8 or so rabbits.....

I'm going to live in a bungalow coz i hate stairs...that's where
suicidal kid jumped off...

I'm also going to have a dog of some
sort...probaby a few sighthounds[ whippet and a greyhound] a lhasa apso and a
standard poodle and louis

i might also go back to Texas...coz the
houses are cheep ...but first I'm going have a tour round USA...just for the
hell of it

I ski...and hate snowboarders coz they
wreck the slope...nothing personal though

ermmm I have size 7 feet...but you don't
need to know that...and i can crack my fingers lots of times...its stops them

and so i think that's it really.

oh and by the way if you scrolled past all
that you haven't a hope in hell that you are going to read my posts lol.

that is all

Lilypie Baby Ticker

i went to highschool at mayflower in billericay

and came out with surprising grades haha

and these are all the people who I know

from school and who I talk about allot I'm my journal.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is kyla she lives in Australia...all

these pictures where taken like years ago coz I haven't got any pictures of her

at home. but anyway...she's allergic to cats and likes charmed. and rubbish

music like Danielle powter and stuff.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

 this is Leann...she has guinea pigs and a

bird and I think she has a horse now...she also goes to writtle college but

she's with all the stuck up equine lot...and so I don't see her much...don't

perticaully want to either...no reason

when she gets embarrassed [which is really

easy to make her] she just looks at you and blinks...its really annoying

shes gone to the same college as me to do
something bvoring with horses. me and kyla are convinced she works in the porn

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is jenny...jenny can be right

bitch...but I suppose its in her nature. she also like stupid music...but like

rooster..shes one of the few people i hate...yes this is her. and yes its the
ovious reason



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

here is Emily...she's a great person to have a laugh with after a few cans a

coke and irnbru...she cant ski to save her life which I find hilarious. she

lives with 3 cats ...which I am planning to nick one...[add me for more details]

and lives in the coolest house ever!!!!

she has a name called piporgie89 I
think....but she hates live journal...dunno why

shes doing something with film, dunno what

and becauses she is deprived of emma [me]
shes always grumpy nower days poor her

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is Laura...notice how I haven't taken

these picture...I would make my own but Laura would of killed me and never

talked to me ever again....Laura I think is one of the most paranoid person I've

ever met...plus loves rubbish music which should all die....I talk about that

too.......she would die to live with good charlotte and has a Persian rag doll

cat called Gemma....I've never met it but never mind...

she dose dose the same course as emily up


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is also an Emily...Emily is a classic

Emily....not like the other Emily at all...you cant actually have a normally

conversation with her...she's funny...she lives in Colchester somewhere and dose

some sort of 6form I think

she always has loads of work when she comes

on msn and so I don't know much

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is Sarah she can talk for

England...especially if its about any type of book...I don't know which book

because I don't particularly read..


ermmm.....she has 2 dogs...which she has to

clean out ever Saturday...which she said she would do anything not to do it...I

did offer to do it once...but I have never done it..

i havent talked to her in years...i shoudl
reallyt remove her from here


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Natalie is a strange person really...very
interesting...needs help allot of the

time...but she likes bats. and can sing really well...she has a sister...who

swears she is a witch...

she now lives in austrlia, again i havent
seen her or spoken to her in least 3 years


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is Elleni...she's a very cool mad

person...goes to South-end college

she like posing...which is a good thing

and she also breeds guinea pigs...and has

10hutches which I am very jealous about

she comes on msn alot


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is Alex...she had to have a separate

animation because nearer to the beginning of my journal I talk about he

ALLOT...she now has a chuwawa dog and goes to a different school to Alice...she

is in Alice's year...but acts like she's 20somthing..

i saw her the other day


Image hosted by Photobucket.com



I then went to writtle college in Chelmsford and did a national diploma in animal care

there. it was  a 3 day weeks there...one day a week I clean out the animals at

college...and the other 2 are theories...another day is also taken up by a work

placement which is meant to change every semester...but I had messed mine up so

it doesn't work like that for me....another day is study day...which I either go

out shopping...watch big brother...sit on my arse all day, walk louis
miles...that sort of thing

these are some people from college which i
also talk alot about

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is jenny...she has 1 dog called Billy

who is technically her brothers...she did had a dog called jasper but it had to

be put down because it had arthritis in its hips. she also has a rat called

snoopy who she wants to bring to college. she lives near brain tree which is

absolutely miles from me and gets a bus to college. she also believes in aliens

and dose funny Ns and Hs when she writes...she also draws lots of poos.....which

she has somehow become her sort of signature

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is sally...she fancied this gardener

person called rob...who went to the snow ball...read that bit in memories if you

want to know what happened...very interesting. she has 3 rabbits and a

ferret...and wants a boxer. but her mum wants a little dog. she works in a

golf cafe and talks really funny...not like an Essex person

shes nowing going out with someone called
lance...read journal for more information


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is emma she is older than everyone

else...but you wouldn't think it...she is on the pill at the moment and never

comes in to college...we all think its because she's pregnant with her old man

Steve who is 26 off the internet and has a son who is 2. when she is at college

she always complains about her room which she calls her cell...don't know why

coz I would love to live there...she is from Suffolk and has a long haired jack

Russell puppy at home who wrecks the place...she says her best friend is her

mum...very sad I think...and doesn't really get on with anyone else in class.

she is also one of the most skinniest person I've ever met.

she also looks like Megan Hodges and so

half of the people from school want to kill her.

she also finds me very funny...not such if

she finds me offensive...but she hides it with the laughing...I always say she

pregnant and from Yorkshire. I'm not sure if I hate her or not... I'm not sure.
i used to talk about her lot

she needs a slap


 Image hosting by Photobucket

this is charlotte. she lives in harlow and
is very quite...she

cant dance to rubbish music and thinks a lot of stuff is rubbish music...she

sometimes lets me have the rest of her coke...which is normally only a few

drops...but thats not the point....also the scarf she is wearing really

itches...but that dosnt count

she is now doing a NVQ in vet nursing

she is too mature for her own good and
drive m up the wall


  Image hosting by Photobucket

i think jo is one of the stranges person
ive every met...shes

really quite and the randomly has a loud moment...she also likes boxer dogs but

has a baby tortoise shes just got...hes very cute and sleeps funnerly...she also

has the coolest ring ever...its like this tiny gold belt round her

finger...looks cool...other news on jo:...she also lives in harlow and went to

the same school as charlotte they knew each other but werent close friends she
complain too much


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

 this is marc and he is 19 i think

 he has this white car thing
and a dog called benson who he just walks and anothe terrior cross thing called

 he lives in upminhster in somewhere and works as a 'superviser' at timbuk2a...

which actually means stand around and push little kids down slides hehe.

he is friends with alyice very very much

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this is alyices

shesa a little angle and a very very
trrustworthy person,

she has 2 horses a rabbit 2 guineapigs 5
dogs a few chickens and a brother and a sister i think...im not sure

anyway she lives in this massive house
which is like a masterpeice in chelsmford


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

this is  rachel

she is 18 and smokes too much

i dont mind when its the nice smelling ones
but anyway

shes very dark humoured and very original
in what shes says. she talks about fat people alot

and gets a lift off marc to college every

she also buys me lots so im not complaining




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this is louis

louis is my baby. hes a labrador cross poodle, looks more like
alabrador acts liek amad poodle

sometimes he tried to dominate me and i have to grab him by
the scruff and drag him the the loo and lock him in the dark for a few minutes
till he submits

other times he gose all soppy like and bes cute

othe times he jumps 5ft in teh air with excitment and mauls
everyone, not out of agression or fear

just pure excitment

hes lovly



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this was Flopsey my second rabbit...she lived to be 10

and i got her when i was 5...she used to
fetch broccoli when the throw it out the window.

she was a Netherland dwarf.. but i used to
think she was huge and fat...she wasn't really.


 Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

this is poppy..................and this is coco

they dwarf

lop rabbit which i bought from the pet shop that i got past on the walk from


i saw them both and i had to get
them...there is a

story to them...in memories add me and you can read it


have also made friends with brandy...and brandy loves to go to sleep on them...untill

they nick her peice of cabbage

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

 here is brandy Alice's guinea pig

this picture was taken in the kitchen when it was

too cold for brandy to live out side.

brandy died age 6 while doing her favorite
thing...eating grass

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

anyway back tot he rabbits

unfortunatly which being fixed coco died
while on the opperationg theatre

poppy was lonly so we got her harry...that
is harry.

anyway then a fox came...you can guess the


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is a little spotry about some fish we
kept, we dont have any fish anymore



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is boo. she is a dwarf

hamster. she is aunty Jill's daughters' hamster that we were looking after


she is unable to look after her as she is going to university or something like

that and

aunty Jill couldn't look after her because she was already looking after at the

time cat called

jack and a dog called lady ..[who has now died too]...but boo had to be put down

as she had suffered from a stroke from some part in her life and was getting

worst. she started itching for no reason and making her self bald and bleeding


and here is some bits about family ect

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is mum...she dose something with microscopes all day


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and this is dad, he dose something with

electronics and design and radios all day...don't ask him coz hell come out with

some gibberish you wont understand

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

here is Alice...she is a year younger than

me...and normally really grumpy...

she is doing her a levels at the moment





she dosnt bite her nails nor can she crack
her fingers.

poor her



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Becky and Rob...they got married on the
20th of July


Becky has a sister called Jas but I haven't
got round to making her a animated gif yet. poor her lol


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this picture may take a while

to load.

Uncle Brian should be in

this one but I ran out of space


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This picture may take a while




Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aunty Avril is some how related

to my dads side


here are some picture of my house. I think

you can find a lot bout some when u see their house..


Image hosted by Photobucket.com


this is my room from 2 years ago

it has changed since not reviseing for

which is what all the paper is everywhere.


i also have a shrine thing which im in the
middle of making a good picture of....

.....all it is, is a load of stuff I've

collected over the many years stuck on the wall with blue tack.



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

out side my window....




Image hosted by Photobucket.com



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Alices room.....dust included...



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

random pictures from downstairs. one day
ill have them individually animated or something

now gimmie a hug


give puccas_a55 more *HUGS*


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